Bronze Steampunk Stiletto With Memory Foam Insole
Bronze Steampunk Stilettos With Memory Foam Insoles
All footwear produced by Stiletto Metal Works feature a 3/8 inch thick memory foam insole covered with genuine deerskin leather. Nothing yet discovered by humans has been found to be more comfortable to stand on.

Wrought Iron Stiletto Metal Shoe
Custom Made Gothic Wrought Iron Stilettos
Metal shoes? “Is this even possible” you wonder.
Comfortable heels? “Can’t be done” you exclaim.

Bronze Stiletto Metal Shoe
Upper Shin Section of Bronze Stiletto
Comfortable stilettos? Who would think that a pair of heels 13 inches high would even be wearable, let alone comfortable?

Wrought Iron Stiletto Metal Shoe
Wrought Iron Stiletto with Leather Lined Top Brace
But here they are, fully tested and ready to be worn...

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